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workshop planning

Workshop Objective: To familiarize level 1 students with the basics of DJing and sound equipment, and develop their skills in mixing and creating music.


Duration: 2-3 hours

(this may depend on various variables, but we will advise you prior or during class, how these constraints may effect timing schedules, however, we should never take any longer than 120min per class)


(OPTIONAL: but if you do own any, please provide us with its details, if you want)

Materials Needed: 

1. DJ controller or mixer

2. Laptop or computer with DJ software (such as Serato DJ or Virtual DJ)

3. Speakers or PA system

4. Headphones

5. Audio cables (RCA or XLR)

6. Music tracks (MP3 or WAV files)

7. Notepads and pens for students

(some students may already have such materials, however, this can be acquired at a later stage)




Workshop Plan - level 1:


1. Introduction (Class 1 - 2hours)

   - Welcome the students and introduce yourself.

   - Provide a brief overview of DJing and its role in music production and performance.

   - Explain the objectives and structure of the workshop.


2. Basic Equipment Setup (2 hours)

   - Introduce the different components of a DJ setup, such as the DJ controller/mixer, laptop, speakers, and headphones.

   - Demonstrate how to connect the equipment properly using audio cables.

   - Explain the functions of each component and their importance in the DJing process.


3. DJ Software and Music Library (2 hours)

   - Introduce the DJ software being used in the workshop (e.g., Serato DJ).

   - Explain the interface, features, and controls of the software.

   - Show the students how to import and organize music tracks in the software's library.


4. Understanding Beatmatching (2 hours)

   - Explain the concept of beatmatching and its importance in DJing.

   - Demonstrate how to analyze and match the beats of two different tracks.

   - Provide hands-on practice opportunities for students to try beatmatching using the DJ software and headphones.


5. Mixing Techniques. (2 hours)

   - Introduce different mixing techniques, such as crossfading, EQing, and phrasing.

   - Demonstrate how to smoothly transition between tracks by utilizing these techniques.

   - Allow students to practice mixing and transitioning between tracks, providing guidance and feedback.


6. Creative Effects and Performance (2 hours)

   - Introduce basic DJ effects and their application in music mixing.

   - Explain how to create build-ups, drops, and other performance elements using effects.

   - Encourage students to experiment with effects and create their unique DJ performance.


7. Q&A and Wrap-Up 


 -Answer any questions from the students regarding DJing, equipment, or techniques.

   - Summarize the key points covered during the workshop.

   - Provide additional resources for students to continue learning and practicing DJing.

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